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Web Filtering for Schools

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Any Device. Anywhere.

Cloud Based Web Filtering

Delivered through the cloud, Securly provides both in-school and take-home filtering through the same admin console.

Chromebook Filtering

Zero-touch filtering of 1:1 take home Chromebooks using a Chrome extension that takes seconds to deploy. No proxying. No SSL certificates.

1:1 iPads, Windows, & Macs

Support for any heterogeneous mix of 1:1 devices including iPads, Windows, Macs, and Android/Nexus tablets.

Take-home Policies

Location based policies for take-home 1:1 devices when the devices are off school premises.

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SSL Decryption

Distributing certificates to end hosts on your network is all it takes to get Securly to decrypt SSL. We decrypt only those sites that we need to (50-100 out of millions) and have a set of instances dedicated to decryption that auto-scale in the cloud - so you should not have to worry about performance. This specific requirement tends to be a choke point for appliances that do not selectively decrypt and do not have the ability to auto-scale.

Cyber Bullying and Self Harm Detection

Securly is the first product to audit student posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We also employ cutting edge natural language processing algorithms to flag activity on these networks that might be indicative of cyber bullying or self harm.

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Google and AD Single Sign-On

Securly is the industry's first web-filter to integrate with both Google Apps for Education and Active Directory for authentication, auditing and granular policies.

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YouTube for Schools

We proactively turn on safety modes for the most commonly used 21st century classroom tools.

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Granular K-12 Policies.

School Focused Filter Categories

Instead of filtering across 100s of categories and making policies hard to manage, we have focused on a handful that matter the most to K-12.

Per User Policies

We authenticate with Google Apps or Active Directory to give users policies based on which OU they belong to.

Granular White & Black Lists

We support policy exceptions at both the per-policy level and globally.

Whitelist-only Mode

Admins have the option of blocking all but a handful of sites for students who are considered "at risk".

Guest Network Policies

We are able to provide policies without the need to authenticate on unique NAT-ed IP addresses.

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Teacher Centric Features

Admins can allow teachers to temporarily or permanently whitelist individual sites as exceptions to an entire blocked category.

Say, what’s that in the clouds? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Actually, it’s Securly, and they are here to rescue teachers of Massac Unit #1 School District – located in Metropolis, IL, home to Superman – from the danger posed by the evil appliance web filter.

“This is precisely how we felt after making the move to Securly”, says Tom Walker, Director of Technology for Massac. "We felt compelled to go with Securly because of its teacher-friendly benefits. For example, if teachers come across a blocked site, they can simply temporarily whitelist the site to grant access for themselves or for their students. As an IT administrator who typically receives numerous support tickets, this made my job a whole lot easier, and my teachers a whole lot happier!"

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Dashboard and Reporting

Cloud based Big Data analytics designed to improve student productivity and achievement. Admins and Educators can now analyze student activity across educational sites and time sinks, in-school and at-home, across all school devices.

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