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Securly protects your heterogeneous mix of in-school and take-home devices through a single unified admin console.

Romeo Community Schools is a K-12 public school district located 30 miles north of Detroit. In September of 2013, Romeo was on the verge of deploying a Chromebook or iPad for every one of its 5,600 students. The district's administrative team needed to ensure students would be protected from objectionable material, but aimed not to be overly restrictive when students took the devices home. To deploy 3,000 Chromebooks and 2,600 iPads with confidence, Romeo needed a way to enable and edit rules and policies that would satisfy students, teachers, and the parents that supported a 2012 technology bond.

Upon learning about Securly’s cloud-based, ‘any device, anywhere’ web filtering solution, Executive Director of Technology Mark Nelson immediately knew it would be a perfect fit for his environment. "Our goal from the beginning of this 1:1 implementation has been to provide students with the ability to learn wherever they are”, says Nelson. “Securly’s customizable take-home policy allows students - no matter what device they are using - to access social media, chat, and other sites that make their experience authentic, while maintaining their protection from objectionable material."

Securly has allowed Romeo to deliver on its promise of anytime, anywhere learning by providing a secure browsing environment for students both in school and at home. Parents feel confident that their students are protected and that the devices are allowing them to be connected and successful in their studies.

  • Securly made it easy to create differentiated in-school and take-home policies for all devices through its unified admin dashboard.

    Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson
    Technology Director
    Romeo Community Schools


  • Keywords:Cloud, filtering, in-school, take-home, Chromebooks, iPads, Windows, Macs, Nexus, Android

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