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Cloud based Big Data analytics designed to improve student productivity and achievement. Admins and Educators can now analyze student activity across educational sites and time sinks, in-school and at-home, across all school devices.

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Big data. It’s a phrase you’ve likely heard more times than you would have cared to. But the fact of the matter is that more and more data is becoming available to organizations, and schools are no exception. The question then is how schools can use this data to benefit their teachers and students.

“Securly’s Learning Analytics will change the way we think about web filtering”, says Gary Spracklen, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation at Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA). “Schools around the world are continuing to roll out 1:1 programs, but they often know very little about how these school devices are being used by students.” With Securly, school leadership, IT staff, and even parents can gain insights into questions such as:

  • How much time is spent on educational vs non-educational websites? In other words, are students using their devices productively?
  • What are the most popular educational sites in a district? School? Classroom? And how does this compare to schools across the state, country, or world?
  • How do students use their 1:1 devices in school versus when they are at home? And if social media is allowed, are students using sites like Facebook and Twitter constructively?

“Securly is breaking down barriers by providing unprecedented levels of data to schools and families. They are representing and visualizing student online behavior in a way that no one else is. We are able to easily analyze data from their reports and use it to support and improve student learning. This data is useful not just for admins and ‘techies’ but also for teachers, who can use classroom level reports to better understand how students are using their devices in class and how curriculum can be improved to further enhance their learning.”


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  • Securly is hands down the best web-filter for K-12. It is very easy to use and even easier to implement.

    Brian Sullivan
    Brian Sullivan
    Senior Systems Administrator
    Aspire Public Schools
  • When we pulled our appliance and cut in Securly, multiple users actually asked me - "Wow Tim how did you make the network so much faster?"

    Tim White
    Tim White
    Director of Technology
    Webb City R-VII School District
  • Securly has transformed the way we use technology and has opened up the Internet to be a wonderful and fantastic learning tool while keeping our kids safe.

    Gary Spracklen
    Gary Spracklen
    Director of Digital Learning and Innovation
    IPACA (UK)
  • Why didn't I hear about this before? Probably because I spent so much of my time sinking $$$ into [appliance vendor]!"

    Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan
    Director of Technology
    Western Springs School District 101
  • This is awesome! I love it! Just set it up in like 5 minutes.

    Glenn Walker
    Glenn Walker
    Director of IT
    KIPP New Orleans

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