Granular K-12 Policies

Policies based on K-12 focused categories, GAfE based OrgUnits, and per-school, org-unit, or global black and white lists.

Simon Kinnersley is Digital Support Technician at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA). He had for a long time lamented the fact that schools are often forced to overpay for expensive hardware appliances that are built for enterprises and not for K-12. “Schools have specific needs that are not well aligned with enterprise needs. It just didn’t make much sense for us to use a web filtering solution built for large companies with many features that are irrelevant to us, says Kinnersley.”

Securly was an easy choice for IPACA because of the company’s sole focus on K-12 schools. “All of their customers are schools and thus they are well-positioned to address the unique needs we have in education”, says Kinnersley. In addition to handpicked categories that make sense for schools, Securly continually updates its domain database to make sure students are able to get to the resources they need for school. “The level of granularity they provide for schools is unparalleled. We are able to create per user policies along with white/black lists for our entire district, individual schools, or even individual org units. I also like their lockdown mode, which provides the ability to limit browsing to a handful of sites. This has been really useful for administering online tests”.


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  • Securly is hands down the best web-filter for K-12. It is very easy to use and even easier to implement.

    Brian Sullivan
    Brian Sullivan
    Senior Systems Administrator
    Aspire Public Schools
  • When we pulled our appliance and cut in Securly, multiple users actually asked me - "Wow Tim how did you make the network so much faster?"

    Tim White
    Tim White
    Director of Technology
    Webb City R-VII School District
  • Securly has transformed the way we use technology and has opened up the Internet to be a wonderful and fantastic learning tool while keeping our kids safe.

    Gary Spracklen
    Gary Spracklen
    Director of Digital Learning and Innovation
    IPACA (UK)
  • Why didn't I hear about this before? Probably because I spent so much of my time sinking $$$ into [appliance vendor]!"

    Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan
    Director of Technology
    Western Springs School District 101
  • This is awesome! I love it! Just set it up in like 5 minutes.

    Glenn Walker
    Glenn Walker
    Director of IT
    KIPP New Orleans

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